Marketing, the way it has been done for the past 100 years, has been disrupted by the Internet, Social Media and Artificial Intelligence.

3rd Wave Marketing can do for your business, nonprofit, hospital or school what Amazon has done to Walmart and the retail industry.

  • Everything done FOR YOU? We fully manage your Facebook campaigns. We get everything set up for you so all you need to do is press GO.

  • No learning curve, no spending 10,000 hours watching YouTube videos – we will dial our expert playbook right into your Facebook Ad account.

  • Create 5 new ad campaigns from scratch (copy & images).

  • Create 5 new audiences from scratch (based on an intensive analysis of your business and customers).

  • We will configure all your settings using best practices which we have a good sense will work best depending on your specific goals after millions of dollars in ad spend and thousands of tests we've completed over the years across a huge variety of businesses.

  • Setup and configure the Facebook Pixel on Your Website and Ad Account.

  • Add Instagram as a placement on all the ads and make any edits necessary to creative so they fit perfectly.

  • We’ll bring leads to you, assign the right follow-up and surface those most likely to buy, donate or sign up-all automatically.

  • Our marketing pros have generated over 300,000 leads for hundreds of businesses ranging from real estate agents to lawyers and will work with you to create a steady stream of leads to convert using powerful follow-up campaigns.

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